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Accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and more than 150 cryptocurrencies

Expand your payment options and give your customers the freedom to use the cryptocurrency of their choice.

Advantage of operating with Avec Pay

We protect you from market volatility.

We handle the safeguarding against market fluctuations on your behalf. Avec Pay securely converts incoming cryptocurrencies into stable coins in real-time.

Low Fees

With our crypto payment gateway, you will enjoy the lowest rates on the market for each transaction.

Risk free

We use the latest encryption technologies and follow strict security standards to ensure that your transactions are secure at all times.

Technical support

You will not navigate the implementation process on your own. We are committed to ensuring that every aspect of your business operates flawlessly.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Avec Pay is a platform that allows you to implement accepting cryptocurrencies in your business, through payment gateways and online stores. Easily, safely and without the risk of market volatility.

Forget excessive fees. On our platform, we offer competitive rates so you can make transactions without spending a fortune in fees.

 At the time of signing the contract, a % per transaction is defined.

Simple, your personal information, your business data and have a bank account and that's it.

After billing and charging your client, you receive dollars or, if you prefer, the crypto of your choice.

You can accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more than 150 other cryptocurrencies. 

From the most popular cryptocurrencies to the new and emerging ones, we are prepared to receive different types of digital currencies.